AF, STD Intensive Course for Clinicians says:

“"I have become so much better and more at ease with vag/testicular exams, STDs and knowledge." (sic)”

STD Intensive Course (check our catalog for upcoming courses)

This three-day course is a comprehensive presentation of the diagnosis, treatment and syndromal management of bacterial and viral STDs - including an update of currently available STD tests and test performance characteristics.


You must be a clinician in order to attend.  Participants have three options to attend this class:

1. Three concurrent days: one day didactic / two days in clinic
2. Delayed clinic: one day didactic / two future days in clinic
3. Didactic only: one day didactic / no clinic
Participants have the option to attend the didactic session on one of the three days.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Review of sexual history taking, examination, and behavioral change counseling of clients with STDs, including HIV; and
  • Two days of hands-on clinical and laboratory experience in a busy, urban STD clinic, with a  clinical preceptor. 
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