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Registration Policy and Procedures 



The Center for Health and Behavioral Training (CHBT) has one procedure for registration which is used for all training events/services:

  • Prevention Training Center (PTC) courses
  • Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services
  • AIDS Institute (AI) courses
  • Ad hoc courses 


  1. CHBT Registration Form:      
  2. Approval Letter:  
    • Your registration does not confirm your enrollment.
    • You will receive an approval e-mail if, and only if you are approved to attend the class.
    • The approval e-mail will include the training location, training hours, special instructions, and any other relevant information pertinent to the class.

  3. Follow Up:  
    • Approved registrants will receive a follow-up phone call or e-mail notice approximately two weeks prior to the class to confirm that the registrant is still planning to attend. In 'wait-list' situations, these notifications will be made 3 weeks prior to the class depending on the size of the wait-list.
    • When making follow-up calls, if the registrant has not responded after 2 attempts, a 3rd attempt will be made with a 48 hr. request for call back from the registrant.  If the call back is not made, that registrant's seat will be released.

  4. Waiting List: 
    • If a class is full, a waiting list will be generated.  A registrant will be able to see if a class is full when they attempt to register for it. Instead of seeing 'Register', one will see 'Waiting List' (which will be grayed-out) at the bottom of the specific upcoming class description. 
    • If a vacancy occurs due to the cancellation of another registrant, CHBT clerical will contact registrants in order of the wait list to determine continued interest.
    • If there is another scheduled delivery of the course in question, the wait-list registrants will be given notice of this. 


It is highly recommended that you register for classes on our website 


For help with registering for a class, click here.

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