With CHBTs new registration system, you can LOCATE and REGISTER for classes in just minutes.  All you need is an e-mail address to get started.


There are several ways for you to locate classes on our website.  Follow the instructions below to LOCATE a class

  1. Click the Courses Tab.  The Class Calendar  will be displayed.  The Class Calendar displays the current month's classes.  You can select upcoming months to find more classes.  You can also choose how many weeks to display on the calendar.  Simply click on a class to get started.
  2. You can also hover your mouse over the Courses Tab to display other menu options.  You can select one of the following from the drop-down menu;  
  3. On the Upcoming Clinical Classes/Upcoming Behavioral Classes, and Course Catalog, click Register under the listing for the class you'd like to register for.

Registering is easy too!

  1. First time users must complete one extra step to register.  When you click Register, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address, then a password, then your e-mail address again. FIRST TIME REGISTRANTS DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD.  Simply enter your e-mail address on the first and last lines then click Register.  DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD.
  2. You will now be prompted to fill out the Registration Form.  Complete all questions in RED, they are required.  Questions in BLACK are not required but rather desired.  Once you have completed the Form, click Complete Registration.  If you have missed any of the required questions when you click Complete Registration, the system will display the first missed question at the top of the page.  Only after you have answered all the required questions will the system process your registration.
  3. Congratulations, you are now registered for the class.  Your registration status will remain pending until the appropriate Grant Coordinator approves your attendance.  There is no guarantee that your registration will be approved.  You will now be sent an e-mail which contains a password.  You will use this password to log-in to your account.

Logging-In to your account

  1. Click the Log-In tab at the top right of the page.  Enter your e-mail address and password (you will have received this via e-mail after your first registration). You will now be logged-in to your account.  If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot Password feature. Simply enter your e-mail address and click Forgot Password.  A new password will be sent instantly to your e-mail address.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see a menu box on the right side of the screen.  The menu box contains the following options: Classes, Info Update, My Resources, and Events.  Clicking Classes will enable you to see all of the classes you are associated with (past & present).  You can check the registration status for classes you have registered for.
  3. You can change your password by clicking the Info Update menu item.  You can update your personal information as well.
  4. When finished, please click the Log-Out tab to ensure nobody else can access your account.

Future Class Registrations

  1. When you want to register for a class in the future, log-in to your account first.
  2. You will not be required to complete the registration form again.  Instead, you will only need to update your information if necessary.

If you do not have an e-mail address, you can sign-up for one free by clicking here.

If you do not have an e-mail address and would still like to register for a class, click here

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