HIV Navigation Services

Starting7/18/2018 Ending7/19/2018 StatusOpen
LocationBinghamton, NY CostFREE Credit HoursNone

This 2-day training is designed to improve navigation skills for those delivery prevention services to persons living with HIV and individuals at elevated risk for HIV infection. HIV navigation is a process of service delivery to help a person obtain timely, essential and appropriate HIV-related medical and social services to optimize his or her health and prevent HIV transmission and acquisition. Navigation includes linking persons to health care systems, assisting with health insurance and transportation, identifying and reducing barriers to care, and tailoring health education to the client to influence his or her health-related attitudes and behaviors. 

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how navigation services support at-risk populations (persons living with HIV and persons at elevated risk for HIV infection);
  • Name the components of the HIV Navigation Services Model;
  • Describe how navigators work as part of a professional team;
  • Identify the skills necessary to support a client through the HIV care continuum;
  • Identify the required core skills of HIV navigation services;
  • Demonstrate HIV navigation services skills;
  • List areas of need for Navigator professional development;
  • Examine organizational capability to provide navigation services;
  • Identify next steps to enhance organizational capacity;
  • Describe how quality assurance components support clients, navigators and agencies
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