Webinar-Role of Non-Clinicians in Promoting PrEP

Starting5/18/2017 Ending5/18/2017 StatusOpen
LocationRochester, NY CostFREE Credit HoursNone

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is an important addition to the HIV prevention toolbox, especially for individuals at highest risk of acquiring HIV. This 2-hour webinar will prepare non-clinical health and human services providers to educate their communities about PrEP, work with clinical providers to expand access to PrEP and provide support to clients who are taking PrEP.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Deliver culturally relevant educational messages about PrEP to clients who may benefit from this intervention;
  • Discuss the efficacy of PrEP in terms that clients can understand;
  • Refer clients to a host of NYS, NYC, national and local resources regarding PrEP including the PrEP/PEP Voluntary Provider Directory;
  • Identify resources to assist clients with reimbursement for PrEP medication, medical appointments, HIV/STD testing and other prevention tools such as condoms, sterile syringes, etc.;
  • Integrate messages about PrEP into HIV/STD testing and other prevention services offered by the organization;
  • Assist clients on PrEP with behavioral counseling and support daily adherence to the medication;

Partner with local providers that prescribe PrEP to promote easy access to PrEP

Target Audience

The principle target audience is non-clinical health and human services staff who:

  • are involved in offering HIV testing, harm reduction counseling, prevention services, community outreach or adherence support
  • work with individuals at high risk for HIV who have an opportunity to provide education or support regarding PrEP
  • who work in clinical settings who may have an opportunity to provide education or support around PrEP
  • Peer Workers who work with people at risk with HIV and STDs


Participants should have prior basic training on HIV and STDs.

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